Thursday, April 22, 2010

Book Review: Writing Jane Austen by Elizabeth Aston

I absolutely adore everything Elizabeth Aston has written. Her "sequels" to the Pride and Prejudice novel written by Jane Austen are witty, well-researched and extremely well-written. I devour each and every book she's written, and I do so as soon as I discover it's been published (for whatever reason, though, I've decided to wait on Mr. Darcy's Dream for a later "fix" when I'm in a reading slump).

I discovered Writing Jane Austen was being published last week and bought it on my trip to DC. I had to go to 4 bookstores before I found it on the shelf and hastily picked up the last copy at the store. And I was not disappointed.

Aston tackles contemporary romance in this novel with a focus on Georgina Jackson who must write the remainder of a "found" Jane Austen novel in order to maintain her work permit and financial situation to stay in London any longer. The catch: She'd never read Jane Austen. Her historical period (she's a PhD in history) is late Victorian and she writes political historical fiction that's as dry as can be. Georgina must tackle her aversion to Austen's novels and time period in order to overcome her writer's block. The journey she takes is captivating, funny, and so true to form.

I absolutely loved this novel, as I have all of Aston's work.

Highly recommended to all readers, especially those who like Jane Austen "sequels."

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